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Hands-on Solutions for a Mixed Environment

* Don’t Just Cope With Your Mixed-Environment Problems—Solve Them
* Maximize Productivity and Lower Costs by Strategically Combining the Strengths of Linux and Windows
* Leverage Windows Resources from Linux, and Linux Resources from Windows
* Meet All Your Remote and Terminal Connection Challenges with the Right Solutions


For all those who talk of a war between Windows and Linux, there are others—like yourself—who ask, “Can’t we all just work together?” As Windows & Linux Integration demonstrates, it’s possible, and a lot easier than you think.

It doesn’t matter whether you know Windows better than Linux or vice versa. This book shows you how to make the most of Linux in a Windows environment, and the most of Windows in a Linux environment. Written by two industry-recognized experts, one from the Windows world, one from the Linux world, they will guide you with practical, hands-on instruction and detailed examples that show you how to get the job done.

Coverage includes:

* Welcoming Linux clients and servers into an existing Windows Active Directory
* Integrating Windows clients into existing Linux directory services
* Making Windows printers available to Linux clients—and vice versa
* Integrating and unifying email services for Linux and Windows clients
* Using Linux as a spam- and virus-killing machine to reduce Exchange’s workload
* Running Windows applications on Linux with VMware, WINE, Bochs, coLinux, and CrossOver Office
* Using open-source porting projects to run Linux applications in Window
* Integrating Linux DNS with Active Director
* Creating web applications that work flawlessly on Linux and Windows clients
* Setting up a universal locator service for finding files on Windows and Linux machines
* Creating cross-platform, multi-user terminal servers using Windows and Linux servers for Linux and Windows clients
* Remotely controlling Windows machines from Linux machines—and vice-versa

About the Author
Jeremy Moskowitz (MVP, MCSE) is founder of Moskowitz, Inc. (, a provider of consulting and training services for Windows and Linux. He is the author of Group Policy, Profiles and IntelliMirror, also from Sybex, and a contributor to REDMOND Magazine, Windows IT Pro, TechNet Magazine, Linux Magazine, and

Tom Boutell is president of Boutell.Com, Inc., a software development, consulting, and web hosting firm with a Linux and cross-platform focus. Tom is the author of the open-source gd library, a basic building block of many well-known open-source software packages. He is also the author of CGI Programming in C and Perl and the original World Wide Web FAQ.

Jeremy and Tom manage, where you can get answers to your toughest Windows/Linux integration questions.


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