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Xandros Desktop

For those has just migrated from Windows to Linux but misses or like the Windows Desktop environment, this Linux distro is for you.

Xandros is both the name of a line of Linux distributions and Xandros Corporation, the company which creates them. Xandros Desktop is a distribution known for its focus on business and mainstream users, as well as its visual similarities to Windows XP. The name Xandros is derived from the X Window System and the Greek island of Andros.

Founded in May of 2001 by Linux Global Partners, the company is headquartered in New York City. Their distributions are based on Corel Linux, a Debian-based distribution which was acquired along with the development team behind the product from Corel Corporation in August 2001 after Corel decided to leave the Linux distribution market.Xandros is also a founding member of the Desktop Linux Consortium.
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